anniversary rock wall

Grandfather Hopkins sat on the porch and looked down the valley at the White River and said, "If I were an artist I would paint this scene and name it Peace."

I have a sense of complete peace at Hopkinswoode, my childhood home, and it brings me great pleasure to invite you to experience this serenity for yourself. My grandparents, Clarence and Laura Hopkins, built this house in 1914 after the Missouri Pacific Railroad came to Cotter, Arkansas. It was a prosperous time. The Hopkinses owned myriad businesses in town, including the lumber company, movie theatre, bank, and insurance and real estate companies. On twenty-seven acres of mountainside overlooking the White River, they created a grand estate, featuring a croquet lawn, tennis court, cold frames for the ample vegetable and flower gardens, a spring water system, and chicken brooding houses.

Come and join us in the grandeur of this peaceful place in the heart of the Ozark Mountains.

- Marilyn Pitman Morris, granddaughter and owner

Experience the peace at Hopkinswoode:

There is no more beautiful or serene place on earth. Come to Hopkinswoode.